Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 is a Sports, Management and Business Simulation developed by Sports Interactive Ltd

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 Games Description

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 is a Sports, Management and Business Simulation developed by Sports Interactive Ltd. and published by Sega Europe Ltd. The game mainly focuses on Management element, and features a variety of teams, players, and clubs from around the globe. The player assumes the protagonist’s role, a manager and his primary objective is to establish a team, select and reject the player, train them to enhance their abilities and participate in multiple matches to show off his skills by winning rewards or trophies. The player explores the game from a top-down perspective and control his team to victory. There are more than five-thousand teams available from fifty countries each with unique statistics, and attributes. It introduces new elements such as a Media Section, a Revised Interface and the Physio Room offers the accurate injury data. Main objective of the player is to score the highest points as compared to his rival opponent and complete the match within time limit to win. As the game progresses, it becomes tough to master. Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005 offers addictive gameplay, brilliant mechanics and superb visuals.

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Worldwide Soccer Manager 2005

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