Water Park Tycoon

Water Park Tycoon is a Strategy, Sandbox, and Single-player Business Simulation developed and published by Excalibur Publishing Limited for Microsoft Windows

Water Park Tycoon Games Description

Water Park Tycoon is a Strategy, Sandbox, and Single-player Business Simulation developed and published by Excalibur Publishing Limited for Microsoft Windows. The goal of the player is to establish a water park successfully to make money. There is a massive fenced-in space where the player can create the water of his dreams as well as ticket booth when the world is launched. In the game, the water park is closed by default, but the player is capable of opening it at any time to allow guests to enter the park to enjoy. There are different types of water slides, pools, food stalls, playground rides, etc. available for the player to improve the water park to make more money. The player can use his earned money to purchase different items like water slides and upgrades. The player receives money when guests purchase food, tickets, or drink. He can set the price of the ticket, and if the price is too high, the guest won’t purchase the ticket, causing the rating of the park will drop. Water Park Tycoon is the best game for those who want to become the business tycoon.

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Water Park Tycoon

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