SNOWRIFTERS is 3D, Action, Combat Racing, Driving, Vehicular Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by TMN SGR

SNOWRIFTERS Games Description

SNOWRIFTERS is 3D, Action, Combat Racing, Driving, Vehicular Combat, Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by TMN SGR. In the game, a player can enjoy futuristic high-speed battle through idealistic vehicles and also customize the vehicles by changing the color, rims, protective shields, and turbo engine to defeat the opponents. The video game is embedded with various natural tracks of Russia, Greenland, Switzerland, and Canada, including snow and ice, mountains tracks, deserts, and many more.

In the game, players can enjoy weapon collection to damage the cars of opponents. The players can unlock more features of cars and track by completing the levels of the video game. It includes an arcade style and behavior of vehicles depending upon the price and level of the game like Dodge Vipers, Mustang G.T., Lotus Exiges, and many more. The video game offers various core features, including Unique Designs of Weapons, 3D Graphical Interface, Background Music, and Real-Time Game Play.

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