Ship Tycoon

Ship Tycoon is an Adventure, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Trade Games for Android and iOS

Ship Tycoon Games Description

Ship Tycoon is an Adventure, Simulation, and Single-player video game developed by Trade Games for Android and iOS. During the game, the player serves as a business tycoon who needs to manage his shipping company and touches all the successes. In this business simulation, the player experiences legal and illegal contracts with other users worldwide.

The player starts with a tiny ship, but as he makes progress and earns money, he can expand it and become a real tycoon. It all depends on the player’s managerial skills to make fame and upgrade his company. To be the best CEO, the player has to use all his wits and make endless efforts.

The game has over fifty items that a player can use to craft new ships and introduce them to the market earlier than other companies. The game has offered five different cargo ships, including bulk carriers, container carriers, tankers, gas carriers, and car carriers.

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Ship Tycoon
Ship Tycoon
Ship Tycoon

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