Serious Sam

Serious Sam is an Episodic Action, First-person Shooter video game by Croteam

Serious Sam Games Description

Serious Sam is an Episodic Action, First-person Shooter video game by Croteam. The game consists of two main Episodes named as Serious Sam: First Encounter and Serious Sam: Second Encounter and offers an Extremely Action and Thrill-packed game-play in which your task is to kill the frequently spawned enemies (Soldiers, Giant Robots and Suicide Bombers etc.), jump and strafe your way through their projectiles, bullets and blasts etc. and survive using your stealth skill and tactics.Your ultimate goal is to find and eliminate the rogue Alien lord who wants to destroy the humanity and the world around them. In order to complete the objectives, you’ll have to dodge enemy fire, encounter the waves of creatures running towards you, eliminate them all by using all the available guns and other weapons, Strafe and jump and keep an eye on your health in order to boost it when it nears the end, pick up all the power-ups and upgrades as you rush to the enemies, double up your impact and clear the episode with minimum damage in order to move to the next level of the game. With a high-paced combat, hardcore action and thrill Serious Sam offers you a chance to enjoy Arena-based combats, and enjoy killing all the extra terrestrial enemies. With multiple game environments, co-operative game-play support, fantastic visuals and all the wonderful stuff, Serious Sam is a classic FPS video game to play and enjoy.

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Serious Sam

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