Man vs. Wild

Man vs. Wild is an Action, Adventure, Strategy, Survival, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed by Scientifically Proven and published by Crave

Man vs. Wild Games Description

Man vs. Wild is an Action, Adventure, Strategy, Survival, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed by Scientifically Proven and published by Crave Entertainment. In this game, you have to take a role of a character named Bear Grylls and explore a world full of challenges and difficulties. You need to travel across multiple landscapes with no chance of survival, but you have to put in those difficulties and teach people how to get rid of this situation if they are stuck there.

Use your survival skills to complete each task. You can use some toll and equipment, but at some points, you have to survive without any help. Jump over the mountains, swim into the ocean, and run across the desert to stay. Man vs. Wild has prominent features such as Several Challenges or Riddles, Various Landscapes, Difficult Stages, Easy to Play interfaces, Simple Game Mechanics, and Realistic Graphics or Animations.

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Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild
Man vs. Wild

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