MafiaMatrix is an Adventure, Text-Based, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Moderator

MafiaMatrix Games Description

MafiaMatrix is an Adventure, Text-Based, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Moderator. It is a browser-based mafia video game that anyone can experience in this world when several types of three-dimensional games are played. Make your own character and start your adventure by completing several tasks in the game. There is a gaming mode in which you have to pickpocket another individual gains points, and this is your first crime as a criminal, which may give your more confidence for further challenges.

In the income section, there is also a wide range of banks or charity accounts and cities that contains a large amount of money that may be used for entertainment purposes. You can customize criminal characters by using upgrades or power-ups and also hire bodyguards or take part in politics to gain more points or increase your stats. The game has fundamental features such as Easy to Play Interface, Beginners Guide, Careers, Weapons, Pets, and Many More.

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