Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a Single-player Graphic Adventure and Interactive Fiction video game by Square Enix

Life is Strange Games Description

Life is Strange is a Single-player Graphic Adventure and Interactive Fiction video game by Square Enix. The game consists of five main episodes and focuses on the character of a Photography student named as Maxine Caulfield. Maxine Caulfield discovers out that she has the special ability to reverse time and any specific moment. The story takes a twist when Maxine foresees a huge Storm raging to destroy her town and that the time when she realizes that she’s the only one to prevent it from happening. Life is Strange allows the players to control the character of Maxine Caulfield and follow the narrative as it unfolds into all the storyful actions that the player character performs. Amazing trips to the past, fantastic quests, freedom to explore and the ability to manipulate environmental elements, loads of challenging puzzles and game ending based upon the actions performed by the character, Life is Strange offers a truly remarkable gameplay experience that is based on pure graphics and interactive elements. With an episodic gameplay, various character archetypes, a great story, graphic adventure nature and point-and-click puzzles, Life is Strange offers beautiful visuals and an impressively addictive gameplay to enjoy. Life is Strange is available to play on Microsoft Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox and Linux platforms.

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Life is Strange

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