Farming Giant

Farming Giant is a Farming, and Single-player Simulation developed Actalogic and published by Toplitz Productions

Farming Giant Games Description

Farming Giant is a Farming, and Single-player Simulation developed Actalogic and published by Toplitz Productions. The game lets the player become a farmer and learn new techniques on how to create a farm, grow vegetables and other crops. It takes place in the 3D environment, where the job of the player is to develop farms, maintain and upgrade his lands. Whether ranching or farming, the experience almost covers all sides of agriculture. With the courage and right strategy for expansion, the success is laid in the player’s palm. There is a massive world full of a set of production processes and trade opportunities. Several game modes await the players, each offering unique gameplay to experience. There are many scenarios that the player can explore and can grow many plants, including hops, corn, beet, or more. Farming Giant includes prominent features such as Several Vehicles to Drive, Place-able Items, Numerous Buildings, and more. With HD graphics, superb mechanics, and cool controls, Farming Giant is a brilliant game that will let you be a farmer to polish your skills.

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Farming Giant

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