Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 lets you continue your Zombie hunting chronicles and enjoy an amazing Action-packed gameplay on your iPhone or Android device

Dead Trigger 2 Games Description

Dead Trigger 2 lets you continue your Zombie hunting chronicles and enjoy an amazing Action-packed gameplay on your iPhone or Android device. With super cool visuals, easy controls and great mechanics, Dead Trigger 2 takes you to an amazing apocalyptic setting where your only task is to kill Zombies. Dead Trigger 2 is slightly different from its predecessor and provides you with your own hideout, an amazing arsenal of weapons, and puts you in charge of a crew that can build anything anywhere. With fluent touch and tilt controls, great graphics and a wonderful game-play, a lot of new missions, Dead Trigger 2 is a brilliant game to play and enjoy.

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Dead Trigger 2

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