Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy is an Educational, Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer video game released by Nintendo
Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy Games Description

Big Brain Academy is an Educational, Puzzle, Single and Multiplayer video game released by Nintendo. It has an exciting gameplay, which allows the players to test his brain by measuring the mass. There are three different modes such as Test Mode, Practice Mode, and Versus Mode. Test mode comprises five challenging puzzles, and each puzzle offers a unique mechanism to test the mass of the player’s brain. It has five different categories in Test Mode such as Think, Analyze, Compute, Identity and Memorize. Practice mode enables the player to choose which activity he desires to do to test his brain power. Each activity has three difficulties such as easy, normal, and hard. The player has to earn as many points as possible by completing the tasks and unlock additional content to further progress. In Versus Mode, the player competes against others to determine who has more brain compared to the player. With incredible graphics, impressive gameplay, and brilliant soundtracks, Big Brain Academy is the best game for kids, girls, and adults.

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Big Brain Academy

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