Warfield is a 3D, Action, FPS, First-Person, PvP, Indie, Simulation, Combat, Strategy, Sandbox, War, Single-Player, and Multiplayer game developed published by Field Game Studio

Warfield Games Description

Warfield is a 3D, Action, FPS, First-Person, PvP, Indie, Simulation, Combat, Strategy, Sandbox, War, Single-Player, and Multiplayer game developed published by Field Game Studio. This is a unique game with many customization options. In the game, you have to battle with beasts and other enemies and remain undead. You have to make an army of distinct characters from the games store and go forward toward the battleground to interact with your opponents.

You have to kill all the individuals of the opponent’s force before their leader kills you, and you get defeated. The game has four currency levels, a building level, a moving story, an attacking group. At the current they level, you have to collect the treasure or money from the workers. After this, by using these treasures, you select your army characters and buy other power equipment. In moving level, you have to move your army toward the battlefield in front of the opponent’s King. At last, at attacking level, you have to slam on your opponent’s army. The core features of the game are Real-Time Gameplay, Graphical Interface, Simple Controls, and Treasures or Rewards.

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