Out of Coverage

Out of Coverage is a 2D, Adventure, Cartoony, Crime, Puzzle, and Single-player game developed and published by Semaphore

Out of Coverage Games Description

Out of Coverage is a 2D, Adventure, Cartoony, Crime, Puzzle, and Single-player game developed and published by Semaphore. In this context, the player has to experience the life events of a guy named Nawwaf, who is lost in The Scorpions Den. While traveling to celebrate a dessert trip with friends, the player lost his way and was trapped over there.

Nawwaf is totally cut off from the outer world, and the player has to save Nawwaf’s life by taking the good step because a sinister plot is taking place, threatening for town’s residents. During gameplay, the player has to learn the skill for living life and use various tools for passing the challenging stages to unlock more tasks. The game’s core features include Professional Voice Acting, Explore Alleys, Streets and Shops, Meet with Weird and Intriguing Characters, and Atmospheric Soundtracks.

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Out of Coverage
Out of Coverage
Out of Coverage
Out of Coverage

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