Greedy Dungeon

Greedy Dungeon is a 2D, RPG, Strategy, Casual, Turn-Based, Fantasy, Rogue-Like, and Single-Player game developed by Dem Lin and published by DDlin

Greedy Dungeon Games Description

Greedy Dungeon is a 2D, RPG, Strategy, Casual, Turn-Based, Fantasy, Rogue-Like, and Single-Player game developed by Dem Lin and published by DDlin. In this game, you have to build a deck of cards with your own style of play and experience dangerous riddles or obstacles across the randomly generated paths. Each turn is different from the previous one, and there is a lot of replayability. Several cards are also available to play, and you can also build multiple other cards with the help of your friends.

These cards can be bought from the game store by utilizing coins or rewards, which you will get after completing each stage. Try to upgrade old cards to play more effectively because new ones take time to adjust. You can customize these cards according to your desire and pickups equipment to gain higher points. The game has multiple features such as Relic or Smithing System, Deck Building; Random generated Dungeons, Unique Cards, and Simple Game Controls.

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Greedy Dungeon
Greedy Dungeon
Greedy Dungeon
Greedy Dungeon

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