Fantasy General II

Fantasy General II is a 4X, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Combat, Military, Tactical, Turn-Based, Strategy, and Multiplayer game developed by Owned by Gravity and published by Slitherine Ltd

Fantasy General II Games Description

Fantasy General II is a 4X, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Combat, Military, Tactical, Turn-Based, Strategy, and Multiplayer game developed by Owned by Gravity and published by Slitherine Ltd. The game has been described as a reimagining of the strategy gaming classic from the 1990s. A new generation of leaders will test their courage and tactics against one another in the war-torn nation of Keldonia. As armies once more form battle lines across the land of Keldonia. Over 75 distinct troop types, including formidable heroes, are available to you to command.

Strategy your attack and counterattack, taking into account terrain and weaponry and armor, magical effects, morale, and the balance of troops. Then execute your plan and conquer your adversary, cementing your name as an uncompromising war commander. Battles on vastly various terrain will test your ability to adapt your tactics and force composition as the campaign progresses. Take into account the terrain, weapons and armor, magical effects, morale, and the balance of troops before developing a strategy and putting it into action. It has core features like Resource Management, Great Soundtrack, etc.

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Fantasy General II
Fantasy General II
Fantasy General II
Fantasy General II

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