BLeBRiTY is a Co-Op, Fantasy, Online, RPG, and Multiplayer game developed and published by Communicating Rooks, LLC

BLeBRiTY Games Description

BLeBRiTY is a Co-Op, Fantasy, Online, RPG, and Multiplayer game developed and published by Communicating Rooks, LLC. Over 25 funny, creative categories are included in this charades-inspired treasure, which is certain to convert any gathering into an enormous eruption of humor and culture. When you are waiting in line or in a lobby, get together with friends, family, and your favorite relatives and have a good time. 25+ themed cards brimming with culture, color, and humor are included.

During the holidays, spend time with your best friend, your crew, or the entire family. Then, with a simple tilt of your phone, see how many cards you can predict before the clock runs out. Make and save videos of your humorous gameplay for your own amusement or to share on social media platforms. The game has many fundamental features for players, such as Atmospheric, Family Friendly, Creative Categories, and many more.

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