At Home

At Home is an Action-Adventure, Horror, Survival, and Single-player video game offered by BisquitPlay

At Home Games Description

At Home is an Action-Adventure, Horror, Survival, and Single-player video game offered by BisquitPlay. The player needs to escape from a locked hut in the forest as some strangers kidnapped the character from his house.

One day, some outsiders come into the player’s house, captured the character, and locked him in a small room away from home. The player needs to make an escaping plan to get out of the locked room by utilizing the nearby items in the surroundings.

The player needs to perform every action quietly and smartly to remain hidden from the fanatic as some cameras focus the movement of the character in the house. The player can use a searchlight to discover the hidden items in the dark and drive a car standing outside, but firstly the player needs to find out the key of the vehicle.

Make a strong plan, avoid the cameras, and beware of the maniacs, and if they catch the character, then it will become tougher to escape again. The game has core features, such as Search Light, Cameras, First-person View, Strategy-based Gameplay, and A Car.

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At Home
At Home
At Home
At Home

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