Sword Girls

Sword Girls is a Collectible Card, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Zeonix

Sword Girls Games Description

Sword Girls is a Collectible Card, Single-player and Multiplayer video game developed by Zeonix. The game art is influenced by anime and manga art-style. It introduces four factions such as Academy, Vita, Darklore, and Crux. The storyline revolves around the interactions of factions with and against each other, taking place in the background of conflict against the Technology-driven Empire and the unfolding mysteries of strange entities. The online version of the game comprises three types of cards in a deck such as the Character Card, Flowers, and Spells. The deck contains spells and followers, and the character card is a representative card and if taken down will result in the loss of the player. To win a duel against either enemy player or a CPU, the player must reduce the life points of the player character card to zero. The game several modes and Dungeon exploring is the main mode, in which the player can unlock dungeon to play for further dungeons. Player vs Player (PvP) is the 2nd mode of the game, in which the player can be randomly matched up against another online player. Sword Girls includes cool features, superb mechanics, and card gameplay.

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Sword Girls

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