Peckin’ Pixels

Peckin’ Pixels is a 2D, Adventure, Arcade, Farming, Management, Platform, Strategy, and Single-Player game developed and published by Red Bubble

Peckin’ Pixels Games Description

Peckin’ Pixels is a 2D, Adventure, Arcade, Farming, Management, Platform, Strategy, and Single-Player game developed and published by Red Bubble. In this game, you have to manage a farm efficiently. Pay proper attention to your chickens because selling chicken eggs is your business. By spending some money, you have to buy special chicken food to get effective results in the productivity of chicken eggs. Different chicken breeds are also available in the game, which lays three or four eggs daily.

The funniest thing about the game is that you can also dress your chicken in cute dresses. After completing each objective, you can unlock additional features and get a golden chicken. You can customize your farm according to your choice by spending money that you will get after selling eggs. The fundamental elements of the game are Several farms, Chicken Food, Cute outfits, Rainbow, Golden Chickens, and Pixel Graphics.

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Peckin’ Pixels
Peckin’ Pixels
Peckin’ Pixels
Peckin’ Pixels

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