Peasant’s Quest

Peasant’s Quest is an Action, Adventure, Combat, Graphic, RPG, Fantasy, and Single-Player game developed and published by Tinkerer

Peasant’s Quest Games Description

Peasant’s Quest is an Action, Adventure, Combat, Graphic, RPG, Fantasy, and Single-Player game developed and published by Tinkerer. The game starts as you select a player and customize it with your name. You play as a farm boy walking around the farm for an adventure; soon, he finds a hot lady along his way. You are seeking any job, suddenly an older man comes and tells you that he is searching for a worker he gave you a task.

Then you have to equip helping objects for the task given by an older man. When you are working, a Goblin arrives there; you have to fight with it. After defeating the goblin, you get rewards in coins, which you will spend on your enjoyment. The game has prominent features such as New Animation Scenes, New Quests, Doorways, Quest Notifications, and Map sections.

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Peasant’s Quest
Peasant’s Quest
Peasant’s Quest
Peasant’s Quest

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