Moon Farming – Prologu

Moon Farming – Prologu is a 3D, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation, First Person, Crafting, Atmospheric, and Single-Player game developed by SimulaM and published by Play Way S

Moon Farming – Prologu Games Description

Moon Farming – Prologu is a 3D, Strategy, Adventure, Simulation, First Person, Crafting, Atmospheric, and Single-Player game developed by SimulaM and published by Play Way S.A. In this game, you have to play as a modern farmer character. Your main task is to find new farming techniques to get more crops. But the main and surprising thing inside this game is that the land in which you have to start farming is a landscape of the Moon.

First, try to find a proper landscape over there, then start preparing the whole barren land for farming and yield several crops. Try to grow new technological-based crops that give you more results and fulfill all the demands. Moon Farming – Prologu has fundamental features such as New Farming Possibilities, a unique Moon Environment, Vertical Farming, Several Crops, Huge Open Worlds, and Newest Experiences.

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Moon Farming – Prologu
Moon Farming – Prologu
Moon Farming – Prologu
Moon Farming – Prologu

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