High Noon

High Noon is an Action and Single-player video game published by Ocean Software Ltd

High Noon Games Description

High Noon is an Action and Single-player video game published by Ocean Software Ltd. The game takes place in the classic era where the player assumes the role of a sheriff who needs to defend the town against outlaws. According to the plot, the outlaws are trying to abduct women from Saucy Sue’s Saloon or rob the local bank.

As the hero, the player should defend it using the gun. During the gameplay, the bullet can be fired in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal direction. During the gameplay, the player will face off five waves of outlaws and must defeat them to complete the game.

As the player advances, the game becomes tough to play. There are several playable levels, and each level contains many enemies to kill and grant points. The undertaker will come out when the player defeats the first wave of the outlaw. While fighting against enemies the player should complete bodies found lying around. H However, after each wave, a bonus duel between the outlaw and the sheriff will appear and the needs to open fire before the outlaw to win.

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High Noon

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