Cronix Online

Cronix Online is a superb new Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that offers an Action-based game-play
Cronix Online

Cronix Online Games Description

Cronix Online is a superb new Action-Adventure and MOBA video game that offers an Action-based game-play. The game is set in far future and tells the story of a war that broke out after the resources nearly ended on a worldwide scale. The cataclysmic events that took place afterwards, pushed the human populace near the levels of extinction. The whole world becomes battlefield and everybody starts out to look for himself/herself and fight for the survival. With a Smite, League of Legends and Shards of War like game-play, Cronix Online lets you be part of a team and fight off the enemies in different arenas in order to capture the resources and valuable. Your task is to follow your team, go on quests, explore the world, fight off the captives of a specific area, defeat them and loot their resources and return to your keeps. With a super-fast paced game-play, epic battles, characters, settings and a lot of other great things, Cronix Online is a wonderful game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.

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Cronix Online

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