Миротворец (Peacekeeper)

Миротворец (Peacekeeper) is an Action, Adventure, Fighting, Arcade, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Spil Games

Миротворец (Peacekeeper) Games Description

Миротворец (Peacekeeper) is an Action, Adventure, Fighting, Arcade, Simulation, and Single-Player game developed and published by Spil Games. The gameplay starts as the whole opponent’s army attacked your city; you are the hero or main person in the town, so everyone is waiting for you and thinks that when you arrive in the town, you can fight for the city, save individual, and opponents armies run out from there. As you come into the city, you have to compete with enemies using some weapons.

Try to kill enemies as much as you can and get rewards or coins which you may utilize for upgrading and unlocking new weapons. Enemies try to attack continuously on you, so always be ready to face them. Several companions and army units are always ready to help you throughout the battle. The main features of the game are Constant Attacks, a Huge Arsenal of Weapons, Special Bonuses, Joint Attacks, Great Graphics, and Epic Boss fights.

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Миротворец (Peacekeeper)

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